The Power To Change

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Pictures, videos, movies and the visual media now have a great power on their hands. This is what the world thrives on today. Now more than ever they have the right to exercise their power and bring about change. We see photographs being taken in every direction our head turns what with advent of front cams and selfies. So who says that photography doesn’t hold power?

Because it is easily available
Over the years we have seen an evolution of photographs and photographers. Initially it was only about the portraits hanging in the houses of people. In the past you would see a portrait photographer visiting the houses of only the elite and prominent because only these people could afford to get their pictures clicked. But now everyone can afford to get their portraits taken, be it professionally done or the do it yourself kind. But the end result is the same, your portrait. So when the common has the capability of taking such amazing pictures why not let it tell a story.

A prerequisite to belief
Nowadays unless people see it with their own eyes they are not going to believe. If a story spreads just by word of mouth people question the integrity of it. But if it presented with pictures or videos then it spreads like wild fire with conviction. Be it a corporate photographer in Singapore, fashion photographer, landscape photographer or wildlife photographer, every picture they click has story behind it. And some of these can change the way people think.

Instruments for change
Is the device you use to click the picture as well the person doing the clicking. Because certain photographs stand out more than the others and capture our attention simply because of the innate personal choices of the individual photographer regarding the type of lens and lighting for each specific moment. Be it the wildlife stories or that of human conflict, photographic stories can modify perceptions and change lives at their best. It has the ability to transport us to unchartered territories deep within us, which we didn’t know existed.

In this world that is benumbed with the daily avalanche of photographs we have to sieve through and find those that really connect to our hearts. Those pictures that give us a reality check about the stark injustices and horror stories of today’s world, those that show us glimpses of the beauty of our world that is at peril of becoming extinct. Because as it was once said that the reality is a snare, you cant have it without getting caught.