Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Remote Working

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Recruiting employees for remote working has its benefits and pitfalls. You need to make sure that all tasks are completed accurately and efficiently for which you need to increase and encourage the productivity of your employees. Setting up remote working is an exciting venture but it is also a risk. You will have access to so much creativity and talent from literally anywhere in the world. However without the right communication and management, you will be bleeding cash with no results. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you setup remote working for your business.

Tackling time zone barriers

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes they can make is hiring people who come from contrasting time zones. For example you may have an employee from USA and one from India working for your virtual office. In this case the best way to avoid this pitfall is to employ the use of communication tools that will allow all employees involved to read and keep note of discussions when they log in from their time. Skype is one good example of such a tool. There are many other software available the will help you plan out brainstorming sessions and discussions in a way where everybody needed has access to it and this way, you will not have to drop people with good talent just because they have an off-time location.

Not being able to measure efficiency

Unlike in a serviced office in Malaysia where you can physically monitor the productivity of your employees, a remote working facility will block you from doing this if you do not implement the right help. If you really need to monitor if your employees are working at their best, tools like Google spreadsheets and Teamviewer can help you keep track of the time employees will spend on a task allocated to them.

Giving negative feedback via email

Email is fast, convenient and safe but it is probably one of the worst methods via which you can give negative or even constructively negative feedback to your employees. If the person is located really far from you think of calling them or using Skype where there is more of a personal touch. If the person can be called to a one on one discussion, do so by all means. Sending negative news through an email is unprofessional and impolite not to mention it is also quite lazy. In order to make sure that you will not run into many of these situations, conduct a strict interviewing process before you hire your employees.

Not encouraging team spirit

Just because your business is implementing remote working, it does not mean that you need to forget about team spirit. This is a team at the end of the day, your team. Use communication software to hold team meetings and if there is any chance maybe organize a trip or outing with team members so they feel like they really belong. Communication is always the key!