How To Move Your Office Without Driving Yourself Mad

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Repositioning is mostly the upshot of a certain company’s growth, or it well could be the conclusion of its existing lease. A growing business is definitely not a terrible thing, has it ever been? Although, as a business starts to grow, you will need more space for the office. Either you are transferring from an at home office space to a fresh workspace, or doing a move from one specific commercial construction to another, this process is never easy.

Setup Your Timeline.

Since you know the specifics of your move now, the coordination part of it can come as a challenge when you think about all that equipment, networks and furniture in the office setup Singapore. Lay out a plan with the objective state of your future office in par with the current state of it. Come up with a game plan how you are going to level up. Your employees must be all aware of the transfer about 4 to 6 months prior. You will need permits, different licenses, and even upgrades. The bigger the office – the longer planning time required.

Right Fruits in the Right Baskets.

Start thinking from monetary budgeting and come down to movers and people who will transport your goods and equipment, and especially the role your employees play in this. Take your time, segregate tasks, hold meetings, and write enough emails. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

Hiring in Advance

Planning well ahead is the key! Your planner notebook or the app is your true friend here. The more complicated the genre of your business – the longer you will need. A very straightforward home based jeweler making business transfer will be less complicated than say, IT office relocation. The more organized you are with keeping your head clear and sticking to the timeline, your repositioning will go smoothly. At least 3 to 2 months prior, book the cleaners and the movers. Research and ask around for recommendations.

Send out Early Notifications

Who wants to find out that their inkjet printers have not received their ink this on a Monday morning? Yes. No one. So send out emails and call your vendors. Change delivery addresses and update phone numbers. Billing addresses must be checked and be secured with the update. Prepare for the on the way shipments to go to a warehouse or a storage space. You don’t need all that mess about people mailing you to tell that the whole office is out of A4 sheets.

Update your Stationery

Letterheads, business cards, sign boards and websites: get them refreshed. You don’t need your customers driving to an empty lot. And it comes off unprofessional to use printed material with information that contradicts with your current status. Make sure everything is ready in the final week.