How To Achieve A Hourglass Figure

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As many of you may know the perfect female body type changes constantly over the years for instance in the 1950s the hourglass was the ideal body time with many women attempted to obtain the voluptuous curves of Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit. However, the 1990s saw a drastic change in the body type from those of the 50s with the introduction of supermodels such as Kate Moss and Heidi Klum where women then attempted to achieve that slim body through drastic diets and exercise. However, in the recent past with the introduction of the Kardashians and Beyonce it appears that people are once again attempting to achieve that hour glass figure. Therefore, the following article will discuss how one can attempt to obtain this ‘Perfect’ body.


One of the most predominant features of the hourglass figure is the tiny waist. However, those who possess a similar body to the hourglass figure can attempt to create the illusion of a tiny waist by opting for clothes that accentuates their waist. Furthermore, due to the Kardashians many women are also choosing to utilize corsets where they opt to wear a corset underneath their clothes and they tighten the corset every day in order to initiate the weight reducing quest. However, one should conduct a thorough research before embarking on corset training as they have been many studies which have shown long lasting organ damage due to these corsets. 

Furthermore, one can also decide to have a liposuction tummy surgery as it would address the fatty deposits in their stomach. But if they opt for this surgery they may also wish to embark on a tummy tuck surgery in order to eliminate the excess skin around the stomach area.


Another crucial element of the hour glass figure is the fuller busts. However, those who possess a considerable bust can attempt to create the illusion of a fuller bust by investing in good bras. Because aspects such as an underwire would help to lift the breast and create the illusion of them being firm and high whilst padded bras would attempt to create the illusion of a larger bust. However, those who are not endowed can also opt for a best breast implants Singapore surgery as it is one of the most common and popular plastic surgeries on the market. Furthermore, with such a surgery women would be presented with option of selecting the size and type of implants they want. Therefore, one can opt to create their dream breasts with the help of such medical procedure.

While, every woman should strive to be happy in the body they were born into they can always attempt to obtain the perfect body they dream of with the aforementioned tips.