Can Cancer Be Passed Through Family Line?

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Some people believe that certain sicknesses get transferred down the family line in such a sequential order while some believe it to skip a generation here and there down this chain. A good example is my family and how the nature of diabetes went around in the family; my grandfather had diabetes or you could say blood sugar. Then he pretty much warned my father and his siblings to be careful since he had been suffering from sugar since his late thirties. However none of my aunts, uncles or my father that’s coming from the paternal side has no sign of diabetes but after many years, we noticed that one of my cousins from my father’s side having diabetes and he’s still thirty five.

 So my point is that, it doesn’t always come in a proper order but it can definitely run in the family. However this read will talk about if it’s possible for gallbladder surgery in Singapore or any type of the same condition in general could come down the family chain or is it something that can come to you with no relationship to someone ever having cancer even.  The first thing to know is that, genes have a role to play when having to deal with this kind of a problem. There was a friend of mine who’s grandmother passed away of lung cancer and her mother was quite scared of her going through the same. For many years, she didn’t have any kind of symptom or anything to do with cancer.

 However, recently she was diagnosed with colon cancer and when such a situation arises, the doctors could do different medical examinations and diagnose if it’s a genetic issue or something to do with her behaviour or organs. Later on it was concluded that she was eating a lot of processed food and fast food plus types of cheese that was known to be very high on bacteria. Most doctors ask women under a pregnancy to not even eat cottage cheese during the pregnancy as it can do harm in giving base to create bacteria.  The only point in which she actually noticed that something must have gone wrong in her is when she started feeling tired all the time.

 Even after having done a small chore, she started breathing heavily that limited her from being physically active. However cancer is not a good thing and it can pass down the family chain but not all the time and majority of the time the reasons could be due to your eating or living patterns that cause this kind of situations.